S-LSA – special light sport aircraft, is a factory build, ready to fly light sport aircraft that meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved ASTM international standards. Therefore, S-LSA aircraft is different from Part 23 aircraft (FAA design and certification standard for general aviation).

A light sport aircraft (LSA), is a small aircraft which it meets Federal Aviation Administration – 14CFR parts 1, 21, 43, 45, 61, 65, 91 date affective as of September 1st, 2004. The light sport aircraft must be weight less than 600 kg (650 kg for Seaplane) and are heavier and faster than ultralight vehicles include airplanes, gliders, balloons, powered parachutes, weight-shift control aircraft, and gyroplanes.

For more information please visit EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) site: https://www.eaa.org/

  • Max. Gross Takeoff Weight – 600 kg (650 kg for seaplanes)
  • Max. Stall Speed – 83 km / h
  • Max. Speed in Level Flight (VH) – 225 km/h
  • Seats – Two
  • Engines / Motors – One
  • Propeller – Fixed-pitch or ground adjustable
  • Cabin – Unpressurized
  • Landing Gear – Fixed (except for seaplanes and gliders)
  • Can be sold as ready to fly S-LSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft)
  • Can be Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA)
  • Must have FAA registration – N-number
  • U.S. or foreign manufacture of light sport aircraft is authorized
  • My be operated at night if the aircraft is equipped per FAR 91.205, if such operations are allowed by it’s operating limitations and the pilot holds minimum of Private Pilot certificate


Ekolot product line quality standards has been monitored by both Polish government and ASTM international standards. In particular, Polish government aircraft manufacturing regulation can be even dated as early as 1910.

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