KR-01A Elf

KR-01A Elf is a full composite single seat S-LSA act like a motor glider utilize Parabeam® vinyl-ester resins composite material at amazing empty weight of 265 pounds ultralight class. It was designed by Jerzy Krawcyk/Ekolot by utilizing the early work of Slovenian American Alex Strojnikun. Elf features removable cantilever wings, cockpit under bubble canopy with tricycle fixed landing gear. The power-plant is 4 cycle engine with rear folding composite propellers and equipped with ballistic parachute.


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KR-01A Elf specification:

Wing span 10,73 (m)
Wing surface 10,50 (m²)
Overall length 5,55 (m)
Horizontal tail surface 1,44 (m²)
Own weight 119 (kg)
Max. take-off weight 250,5 kg
Cruising speed, 75% power: 180 (km/h)>
Vne (maximum speed) 142 (km/h)
Vs (minimum speed, landing flaps) 53 (km/h)
Climb at MTOW 2,2 (m/s)
Engine Polini Thor 200
Propeller Two-bladed folding propeller, clockwise, 1.2m, with propeller brake
Power 29 (HP)
Tank capacity 16, 25 or 29 (l), depending on the size of the pilot
Consumption 3.5 - 4.5 (l / h), 1:50 petrol oil mixture
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf
KR-01A Elf


Ekolot product line quality standards has been monitored by both Polish government and ASTM international standards. In particular, Polish government aircraft manufacturing regulation can be even dated as early as 1910.

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